What is Mindfulness?

If meditation was a drug, it would be hailed as the miracle medicine of this age. As scientific research demonstrates, meditation not only aids our general sense of well-being, it can transform our home life, our work place and our culture.

For thousands of years, individuals have engaged in practices of meditation and contemplation, bringing moment-by-moment awareness to their experiences in the body, heart and mind. These practices help individuals cultivate greater wisdom, kindness and compassion, and develop our capacity to more fully accept the joys and sorrows that life brings.

In recent decades, these practices have had a growing impact in our Western culture. Presented in a secular form commonly known as mindfulness that requires no adherence to a particular set of beliefs or religious views, the practice of mindfulness has shown benefits in a variety of areas.

Scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness meditation in the treatment of stress and anxiety, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and chronic depression and in the treatment of chronic pain .Individuals who have practiced mindfulness meditation have commonly reported an increased ability to relax, enhanced energy and enthusiasm for life, greater self-esteem, better concentration, and an ability to cope more effectively with stress at work and in other areas of daily life.

Mindfulness practices are increasingly being used in the business and legal world; in schools, hospitals and prisons; and in improving sports performance.

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